Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why Radio?

Why Radio? 

As I was pondering and praying over what the vision for Revelation Radio would be for 2016, I kept coming back to that question...Why? Simon Sinek is kind of a genius in the world of business, and if you check out his Ted Talks: you’ll quickly discover that  his whole discussion revolves around the idea of "Start with Why?" Why do we do what we do? Why do we do it THIS way? What is our reason? Others will start with the what or the how, but the WHY is what will get us out of bed in the morning, and will ultimately INSPIRE others to join us in our vision. 

I was really curious why people, (specifically churches) start radio stations. Honestly, they're a lot of work, money, and hassle. A radio station does NOT keep 9-5 hours, it doesn't always pay for itself, and it can be quite temperamental (kind of like a 3 year old that doesn't grow up!) ...So I did what everybody does : I Googled it. I typed in "why radio," and found plenty of marketing strategies to encourage folks to advertise, but nothing that really addressed the WHY of starting it in the first place. About the time I was opening my 10th page on the topic, The Lord pulled me aside, and invited me to ask HIM---Brilliant!! Where better to get vision, understanding, and purpose, than from the Life Giving, Creator of the Universe, who holds my future in His hands?

 What followed was several weeks of Bible searching (and soul searching) as I was challenged to lay everything on the table. All the things I had been taught, all the methods and lines of reasoning that I had absorbed over the years came under the scrutiny of the ONE who we all say we do it for. I have to admit it was a bit depressing at times. There were days that I would throw up my hands and feel like it was all pointless, but it was all part of the process of the Lord teaching me to find purpose only in Him.

I came to find encouragement in the fact that, often from the world’s perspective, many of the most colorful Bible characters did things that seemed "pointless" simply because God asked them to. Noah built a boat, when no one had ever seen rain, Moses held up his staff over the Red Sea, Joshua marched around a wall, Elijah camped by a dwindling brook...and we won't even go into all the craziness that Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, and the others were asked to do! The point wasn't in the what, but in the why. Each of these people did what they did, because God told them to.  

Often we might try to make ourselves feel significant by looking at a radio station as a means of "discipleship" or "church of the airwaves," but Biblically, these purposes are flawed. We as believers in Jesus Christ are supposed to be in fellowship with other people! This is where discipleship happens, and "Church" happens--when we are together with other people, not alone in our cars! If our radio station is taking the place of a human relationship, then our reasoning is faulty, and I would venture that it hinges on heretical. Don't get me wrong, there are great benefits to radio! I love radio, and the encouragement it brings to hurting people, as well as the seeds that it plants for the Gospel, but let's not overstate its importance! Radio is merely a tool, just like Moses's rod, or Peter's nets. God can use it mightily, when it is surrendered to HIM, and when He tells us to do it!

And so, after all of this, you might ask: "Why Radio?" Well, my friends, the answer is as simple as it is complex: Because God told me to. There are many "Whats" and "Hows" that will come in the future, but each one of these steps will ultimately echo back to this one Why--God told us to. 

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